I was born and raised into the photography business.. My dad was a portrait, wedding, event and commercial photographer in the Southern Vermont area for nearly 40 years. My family use to own a photo shop in downtown Brattleboro...I often say 'I was born in a dark room'. I was used as a pack mule, light stand, negative numbering, reflector holding, child of a photographer and I loved every minute of it.

If you had told me I would have my own photography business one day, I would've thought you were crazy. I have ALWAYS loved photography and had often talked with my dad about becoming his 2nd shooter but he was done with the weddings and portraits (he had photographed every couple that was married in the area for about 20 years), he had enough. He was more into the commercial photography business and working with local artists. After my dad passed away from cancer in 2009, I picked up his equipment and never looked back.
I love shooting weddings. There's nothing like being a part of the first few hours of a married couples life. The love, emotion and family is awesome to document.. I also love to shoot kids and babies, the unpredictability makes my job different every time and keeps it interesting, that's for sure!

My mom and dad always stressed to me that I should enjoy what I do and that always stuck with me. In addition to the photography business, I have been a dance teacher at Kelly's Dance Academy since 2001, which I also LOVE. Taking pictures of dancers is like a double whammy for me, especially when I know the dances and can get the BEST pictures ;)

I have had a photography studio in the Whetstone Arts building on Williams St since 2012, it had been far too long since a fully functional portrait studio was in the Brattleboro Area. Having the studio allows me to be able to do inside portraits, which is great for senior portraits, children and of course babies. I have updated a lot of my dads old equipment, bought several new cameras and up to date lenses but I still shoot with his old Alien Bees flashes in my studio :) He is and always will be my inspiration for every picture I take.

I appreciate you stopping by my website, getting to know me and checking out my work. Don't hesitate to email, call or text me your questions. You can also find me on Facebook, if you like my page you'll see sneak peeks, get special offers and don't forget giveaways! Lots of love and as always shop local <3



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